Former Army Ranger Owned and Operated!

About Us:


Rally Point Apparel is a Veteran Owned Business. My name is Chad and I am a veteran and the owner of Rally Point Apparel. I proudly served as an Army Ranger with the 2nd Ranger Battalion at Ft. Lewis, WA. I was deployed to Afghanistan with the Rangers in 2002 in support of Operation Enduring Freedom. I then transferred units to the 82nd Airborne Division and was deployed to Iraq in 2003 in Support of Operation Iraqi Freedom.

I was injured in the line of duty and as a result of my injuries I now have a metal plate and six screws in my right leg. This led me to be medically discharged from the Army. This was a major disappointment to me, because I had intended on doing my time, staying in, and retiring out of the Army. Like so many other combat veterans I struggled with PTSD. Instead of seeking help for my PTSD related issues I chose to drink to cope with it.

I struggled to find my way for several years with no luck. As time went on my alcoholism worsened and I ended up losing everything I had. I found myself sleeping on the streets of Jacksonville, FL as a homeless veteran. I know all too well the struggle that combat veterans face when returning home from deployment. I had a real difficult time trying to talk to other people about my PTSD. They just didn’t seem to understand.

I needed for a big change to take place in my life, because I was spiraling way out of control. I ended getting referred to The Five Star Veterans Center, a shelter for homeless veterans in Jacksonville, FL. It was while I was living at the Center, as I call it, that I learned I wasn’t alone. I met several other veterans living there that were fighting some of the exact same battles I was fighting with PTSD.

At the Five Star Veterans Center I received some much needed individual and group counseling. I slowly began to open up about my issues which was extremely hard for me to do. I wish I could say that the road to recovery was an easy one, but it wasn’t. My situation didn’t change overnight. I had many set-backs, disappointments, and obstacles to overcome. Each and every day through the graces of God I began to make progress.

I started painting and doing graphics design work as therapeutic activity. One night I was looking at some of my graphic designs and came across one that I thought would make an awesome looking military shirt. That launched the start of Rally Point Apparel.

Since our inception Rally Point Apparel has grown to be an industry leader in patriotic shirts. I am proud to say that Rally Point Apparel is a Veteran Owned Business that is only operated by veterans. Rally Point Apparel strives to get the word out about issues that combat veterans face through our innovative and eye catching military shirts.

Rally Point Apparel is very active in the local community. We donate a lot of time and resources to help fight veteran homelessness. We seek to inform, educate, and empower fellow veterans suffering from PTSD.

As owner of Rally Point Apparel I would like to personally say thank you to every veteran and soldier for the sacrifices they’ve made to serve our awesome country. I also wanted to say thank you to all of the proud Americans that support and honor our veterans and soldiers of the US Military.