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Rally Point Apparel Patriotic Shirts

Rally Point Apparel is a veteran owned business.  My name is Chad Childers and I am a former Army Ranger and proud owner of Rally Point Apparel. We are an industry leader in selling high quality patriotic shirts. Rally Point Apparel seeks to raise awareness to the issues that military personnel and veterans face on a daily basis through our innovative designed patriotic shirts.   

If you are looking for a patriotic shirt that conveys your dedication and commitment to the military then look no further. Rally Point Apparel patriotic shirts are popular not only among service members and veterans but also for patriotic civilians. When you wear one of our patriotic shirts you are expressing to everyone what you stand for. Rally Point Apparel has a complete selection of patriotic shirts available in various designs and styles to select from. Our patriotic shirts are tough and durable just like the military personnel and veterans that wear them. 

I am no longer in the Army, but I feel like I have been given a new mission and that is to bring awareness to the issues that veterans and active duty soldiers face. When a customer purchases a Rally Point Apparel shirt they are doing way more than just purchasing a cool patriotic shirt. Rally Point Apparel donates a portion of each and every shirt sold to help impact the lives of homeless veterans, military families in need, and combat veterans suffering with PTSD, TBI, and other mental health issues.  

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