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Rally Point Apparel Mission to Help Veterans

At Rally Point Apparel we strive to bring awareness to issue veterans face through our eye-catching patriot shirts. My name is Chad Childers, and I am the proud owner and founder here at Rally Point Apparel. I am an Army veteran and was deployed with the 2nd Ranger Battalion to Afghanistan in 2002. I was also deployed to Iraq in 2003 with the 82nd Airborne Division.

As a combat veteran I struggled to integrate back into normal society as a civilian. Like so many other veterans in order to cope with the effects of PTSD I drank heavily. I ended up homeless, as a result, and living on the streets of Jacksonville, FL. I eventually was referred to a veteran’s homeless shelter, where I stayed initially for 9 months.

I wish I could say that I learned my lesson that first time at the veterans’ shelter, but I didn’t. I still kept struggling to find my way in life and ended up living at the homeless shelter a total of three different times.

I grew up loving all kinds of artwork. I started dabbling in graphics design. I enjoyed it so much that I designed a fundraiser shirt for a large veteran t-shirt company. I sold over 100 t-shirts in a week. Yes, the shirts had the other company’s logo on it, but it was my design on the front. I thought to myself if I can do that for them then I can do it for myself.

Fast forward a couple of years and now here I am with Rally Point Apparel. My vision for Rally Point Apparel stretches far from a money-making business like my competitors. I didn’t want the public just to say oh there is somebody wearing a cool looking patriotic shirt. When you buy a Rally Point Apparel patriotic shirt you are doing more than just wearing a cool shirt. You are also helping a veteran in need.

A portion of every sale here at Rally Point Apparel goes to help a veterans’ cause. I am proud to be a veteran, proud to be the owner at Rally Point Apparel, and I am honored to serve my fellow veterans.

Buy a shirt! Help a veteran!

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