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Quick Facts About Veterans TDIU Benefits

A disabled veteran can receive over $3,000 a month from the VA in TDIU benefits, Temporary Disability Individual Unemployability. Additional money is awarded if a veteran is married or has dependent children or parents. A veteran is entitled to be paid at the 100% disability rating if he can prove that their service-connected disability prevents them from maintaining gainful employment.  The VA uses this term, gainful employment, to determine if  employment that the veteran is earning is above the poverty level. The poverty guidelines indicate that a person making less than $12,140 a year is earning below the poverty level.  

Sheltered Employment

VA regulations state that sheltered employment for a veteran is: self-employment, working for a family business or in a position from which you cannot be fired. Sheltered employment does not count as substantially gainful employment towards a veteran receiving TDIU benefits.

 Securing and Maintaining a job 

This means that a veteran is entitled to TDIU if his service-connected disabilities prevent him from getting a job and/or prevent him from keeping a job.

As an example back problems might be easily noticed by an VA compensation and pension examiner and might prevent a veteran from getting a job. Other disabilities, such as PTSD, might not be easily noticed by the VA doctor but may hinder a veterans ability to keep a job as time goes on.

 Sedentary Work

Veterans are often denied TDIU benefits because the VA believes that the veteran is capable for performing sedentary work. This is work that doesn't involve very much if any physical work. The VA can't speculate that a disable veteran is physically capable of performing sedentary work withoiut some medical evidence to justify this conclusion..

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